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I'm so happy to have found Lalo's plumbing service here on Yelp. It is Saturday evening at 6pm and a leaky pipe forced us to turn our water main off as the water was dripping from our 3rd floor to our 2nd floor home. I called and was pleasantly greeted. I was asked to text a couple of pics. My call was dispatched and the repair guy, Ignacio was here in less than an hour. He fixed my issue for a very reasonable price. I am extremely pleased with this service and will use and refer them in the future.
Thanks you so much!
- Matt & Denise Frizzell

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A year after we moved into our home we started to get a lot of drainage problems. Our first incident happened on a very late Saturday night. I called a few plumbers and most were closed and or was not able to make it until the next day. I called Lalo's and they were the most helpful, affordable and best of all came out to our house within in the hour and got us back up and running. We have called Lalo and his team every 4-6 months after that until we finally decided to get our main pipe fixed. If you need some plumbing done call Lalo and his team! They are the best!!


Around noon today I discovered a leaky pipe in our front yard.  I called Lalo and he picked up right away and said he would come check it out.  He called back a few minutes later after he realized our house was on the way to his next job.  He said he would swing by and assess the situation.  He arrived within 20 minutes of our first conversation.  He quickly assessed the situation and turned the water off.  Luckily, it wasn't our water main.  He gave us a quick quote and said he would be back within 2 hours, he still had another job to do, with the parts.  He came back as promised and did great work.  We also had him look at a few other things while he was here and are waiting for that quote.  Thanks Lalo!

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